Aortic compressor (1)



In 1915 Paul RISSMANN (1867-1932)  designed this compressor done in wood and leather to press on the abdominal aorta when bleeding was to heavy after delivery.


A very simplistic instrument, done specially for out-midwifes. For this reason your find this instrument so rarely in the hospital fundus.



Woman in childbirth, soup bowl




Up to the 20th century, in Germany, neighbours were in charge of the family after childbirth, feeding the jung mother and her family with soups.


For this puprpose they usef this kind of bowls in pewter: take away the cover, turn it and place it on its three little feet - you have a perfect and attractive plate to eat from ...




Stork, china

Storch 1



Where did the tirolean chidren come from?


The Innsbruck' babys were brought from his forests and mountains by a Tux man  (Fr. Haider, Tiroler Brau im Jahreslauf, Tyrolia-Verlag 1968 S.212-213).



Exhibition piece

China figure, 11 cm high, representing a stork, carriing a baby in its beak. The colours remind those used by the society Wagner & Apel in Lippeldorf / Thuringia.


Proveniance: flea market "Hafen" in Innsbruck, 10/2018


You find more details on the german file "Geburtshilfe/ Storch, Porzellan", or the french file "obstétrique/ cigogne, porcelaine".


Strap with handles




When the midwife tells you to press, then grip the handles, bend your back and press ... Here we show a pair of handles connected by a "piano-band"-like ribbon, as it was found in the famous "Heidelberg" bag of german Midwives.