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Zur Firma E.C. DeWITT

"Elden Casselle DeWitt was born in Wyoming, Jones County, Iowa on April 11, 1855. His father was Jeremiah Dewitt who was born in Delaware, Ohio, his mother was born in Vermont. DeWitt got his start in the drug business as a clerk in Elk Point, Union, Dakota Territory. Sometime during 1880, while in Elk Point, Charles W. Beggs proposed a partnership with DeWitt who had been manufacturing and selling patent medicines to a local market. A partnership was formed and by 1883 the patent medicine firm of Beggs & DeWitt had moved to Sioux City, Iowa. During 1886, the business was moved to Chicago and eventually the partnership was dissolved. You can see a Beggs Dandelion Bitters above which uses a very similar bottle. E. C. DeWitt then ran the drug and medicine business as E.C. DeWitt & Company with products sold in United States and around the world. He was a regular cross-Atlantic traveller overseeing his empire. He apparently amassed a fortune while flying, for the most part, under-the-radar as far as his personal appearances. His last twenty years, before he died in 1927, was spent in New York. Elden C. DeWitt died in Scarsdale, Westchester, New York on 29 March 1927. Died at 400 W. Park Avenue, New York. Wife Cora DeWitt".




Von 1886 bis weit ins 20. Jahrhundert hinein stellte die Firma eine Reihe sehr unterschiedlicher Präparate her:

Colic & Cholera Cure,

Foot Powder,

Hair Dressing,

Kennedy’s Laxative Honey and Tar,

Kidney and Bladder Pills,

Kodol Dyspepsia Cure,

Kodol Nerve Tonic,

La Grippe specific,

Little Early Risers,

One Minute Cough Cure,


Soothing Sirop,

Stomac Bitters,

Toilet Cream,

Witch Hazel Salve.



OriginalPräparat mit Aluminium-Becherhütchen.

"Contains Soda bicarbonate, Soda chloride, Soda benzoate, Borax, Boric acid

Prepared only at the DeWITT Laboratories E.C. DeWITT & Co., inc. Chicago, Illinois

A refreshing and cooling lotion for bathing the eyes. Every bottle is supplied with the DeWITT eye cup so that one person can apply the eye bath easily. Always use the eye bath at room temperature.

Directions: fill eye cup about one-half full of DeWITT's eye bath. Bend head forward, place eye over cup; throw head back and give eye thorough bath; pour out eye bath, rinse cup. Refill and bathe other eye. Any dust or foreign particles in the eyes should first be removed by a physician or other competent person"